Research and Consultation



Research has become an important tool to properly understand the contemporary social problems in comprehensive manner, while at the same time generating strategic information (data intelligence) and relevant recommendation how to address the problems properly. In practice, this essential strategic value has not been optimally utilized within the decision and policy making processes in Indonesia. As a result, many of the policies produced are failed provide relevant answers and solutions to the problems, as most of them are not supported with the appropriate level of analysis/assessment and reliable data. PURUSHA, as a research-based Cooperative, sees this gap as an opportunity to leverage the strategic potential of how research can contribute to the decision making process both for the Government/regulatory body or the relevant industry sector, and as well as to empower the vulnerable society affected by such policies/issues. Assembled with a number of high-qualified researchers with well-versed experiences in each of their field expertise, PURUSHA offers the avenue to optimize that opportunity through of its business unit, Research, Consultancy and Community Empowerment Business Unit.

The Research, Consulting and Community Empowerment Business Unit is prior established to provide a number of research-based consulting services to helps the clients and other users in acquiring the strategic information from the accurate and accountable assessment to solve the problems faced by those organisations. The aimed markets for these consulting services (provided by Purusha) cover a broad range of groups/organizations and actors, such as Government, Private Sectors/Industries, as well as Civil Society Organisations (CSO) where Purusha’s strategic advisory and innovation can help to support their policy implementation, advocacy objectives and/or their business processes. Looking ahead, grappled with the practical-emancipatory experiences from these business unit activities, the acquired knowledge and resources will be aimed to strengthen PURUSHA’s efforts to better understand the problems we face together and promote social transformation process to the better.