Movement & Experiments


This unit departs from the problems faced by social movements nowadays, where any attempt to hack social transformation is highly susceptible to being co-opted and consequently be hampered by the importance of the economic aspect organization. In addition to guaranteeing the lives of the activists, economic organization is also a response to the prevailing global economic order today. A holistic critic of the social movement theories and the methods are required to open the way to alternative systems.

To see the long road to social transformation that we are dream –many of these works are co-opted and stopped because we, the activists could no longer survive due to the urgent needs of life -, it’s become important to reconstitute the entire problem we are facing now, recognize our opponents and our friends, give a theoretical base, arrange our social movement methods while organizing ourselves in autonomous, collective and solidarity organization for the continuation of the movement. This is the urgency of the movement and experimentation unit of Purusha Research Cooperative.

To meet these needs, first of all, movement must base itself on research, and conversely research should devote itself to the movement, such that the criticism that we do with what we face in our daily live has a strong foundation and rich data. Conversely, research devoted to the movement has a tendency to attract those who have an interest and commitment to knowledge to start using it as a powerful boxing gloves to hit this unequal system right at the lethal points.

In implementation, this unit will work together with several other units of Purusha Research Cooperative. For example, workshops and training units (Niken Anjar Wulan) as well as research and consultancy unit (Geger RJ and Yesaya H). In addition, the movement and experimentation unit is also important to build network with comrades in various regions. Not to assault each other, but to gradually build a steady line and think about what we can do together in the framework of the movement for social transformation.